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Words By the Water - 14.03.2014 - observing behaviour

Clair Langhamer The English in Love
Love has a history. It has meant different things to different people and served unexpected purposes. Claire Langhamer tells the story of a period in history when our emotional landscape changed dramatically, from the end of WWI until the break-up of The Beatles. Come and uncover the real story of love, sex, marriage and revolution in twentieth century Britain.

Rebecca MeadThe Road to Middlemarch
George Eliot published ‘Middlemarch’ when she was 51. It has at its centre one of literature’s most compelling and ill-fated marriages, and some of the most compelling characters. Mead, a journalist at ‘The New Yorker’, interweaves readings of ‘Middlemarch’ with investigations of George Eliot’s inspiring and radical life, and reflects on the fulfilment we experience through engaging deeply with this great literary work.

Josh Cohen Private Lives
At present the war over the intrusion into private life and the perceived need for surveillance spreads inexorably. Some seek to expose, invade and steal privacy, others to protect, conceal. The assumption is that privacy is a possession to be won or lost. Professor Josh Cohen closely explores the notion of private life.

Barbara Taylor The Last Asylum
Barbara Taylor visits the innocuously named Princess Park Manor in North London, a site of great tranquility. But this is the former setting of one of England’s most famous lunatic asylums. At its peak, it housed nearly 3,000 patients, including, in the 1980s, Barbara Taylor herself. She tells a powerful story of our changing attitudes to mental health and the last days of the UK asylum system.

John Cornwell Secrets, Lies, Confessions
Would you tell your deepest secrets to a stranger? And if you did, how would you feel? Vulnerable? Cleansed? John Cornwell examines the complex role confession plays in society, from the Catholic Church and horrific instances of child abuse, to Oprah Winfrey talk shows and the Vatican’s new ‘confession app'.

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