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Words by the Water - 16.03.2014 - science: new discoveries

Colin Tudge Unselfish Genes
The title of Colin Tudge’s latest book, ‘Why Genes are not Selfish and People are Nice’, would suggest another riposte to Dawkins. Actually it is about the nature of science and of religion: What is good and how do we know what’s true? Colin Tudge, a biologist, science writer and broadcaster, discusses his theories.

Henry Marsh Life, Death and Brain Surgery
Henry Marsh is one of the country’s top neurosurgeons and knows that the doctor’s oath to ‘do no harm’ holds a bitter irony in the operating theatre where surgeons manipulate the matter that creates all thought, feeling and reason. He talks about the agonising human dilemmas behind each operation; the limitations of medicine; the mysteries of the brain and the need for hope in the face of life’s most difficult decisions.

Pedro Ferreira Einstein, Relativity and Perfection
Pedro Ferreira explores the colourful story of one of the most perfect intellectual achievements in modern physics: Einstein’s theory of relativity. He shows how the theory has informed our understanding of the Universe from the work of giant telescopes in the deserts of Chile to the latest on black holes. Pedro Ferreira provides a fresh perspective on the components of space and time.

Valerie Curtis The Science Behind Revulsion
We hold powerful subconscious reactions that influence a wide range of our behaviours. One of the strongest is disgust. Little explored, it governs who we desire, how we vote, and even guides our moral judgement. Valerie Curtis presents a powerful new theory about one of the most potent human emotions.

Nigel McCrery Silent Witnesses: A History of Forensic Science
The forensic scientist is one of the most important people at the scene of a murder. Her or his painstaking work can help solve the hardest mystery. Nigel McCrery, the creator of the BBC series ‘Silent Witness’, looks at the history of forensic science over the last two centuries, and shows that science must always be one step ahead of a killer.

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