The power of the placebo … in action!

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I'm sure you will have heard of the placebo effect. If not, in a nut shell, it's a sugar / talc 'nothing' pill that every drug on the market has been tested against before it is allowed to be used as a medicine. It, the placebo, almost always has healing properties equal to most drugs on the market, even surpassing some. If you've never heard of it, research it, you'll be amazed.

Anyway, this little story is about my experience with the placebo. Firstly, you need to know that I've been trying to cure myself by changing my belief system and I've been lacking confidence that I could do it. But, something happened yesterday that has convinced me otherwise and that is what my story is about.

While I was making myself a coffee I realised we'd ran out of the type of milk I always use. The only milk in the fridge was our son's, blue full-fat, milk, which I hate, it's just so clacky. I use organic green milk, which is semi-skimmed. Nevertheless, I needed a coffee so much that I took the blue milk opened it up and used it. For the rest of the day, I had three further cups of coffee, using that same milk, and I moaned intensely each time about how thick and clacky it tasted. I gave one to my husband, when he came home from work, who said it was fine. The following morning, my husband brought me a coffee, which was delicious. So I thanked him, with an abundance of love and kisses, for going out and getting some green milk. Coffee, first thing in the morning, is totally my thing!
He laughed and said, 'I didn't go anywhere, it was already in the fridge! But you can carry on thanking me, I really don't mind at all! Thus is nice.'
'No Way! We've ran out! You must have used blue milk and not realised' I exclaimed, wondering why it tasted like green milk now.

He proceeded to convince me it was green milk and that it was in the fridge already. Later on, when I got up and checked, he was right. But yesterday, because I believed it was blue, the milk actually tasted like blue, full fat milk, when in actual fact it was semi-skimmed milk. This is pretty much how and why the placebo works, it's all about belief and expectation. You believe you are getting something, expect certain results, and it actually becomes so!

I think it's amazing that it even tasted like full-fat milk because that's what I believed it was. However, I am now fully convinced that the placebo will work for me. I simply need to believe it will and expect the results I want to see and it will be so.

If you just have faith the size of a mustard grain you will move mountains ...

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