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Last night I attended the Ruby Wax 'Sane New World' event at Theatre by the Lake. I've never laughed so much in all my life, it was like having therapy in itself! From the opening of the show till the close she had the whole auditorium in stitches.

I began to get ready for the show in the early afternoon. I really didn't want to go but we'd booked months in advance and it would be a waste of money to not go. So I put the effort in to look presentable. I had to start early and pace myself because I was feeling poorly [again] and would need to have enough health to get there and see it through. Hours later, at around 18:15, I was in the car driving to Keswick, armed with migrastick, tablets, sparkling water and an escape plan.

The theatre was full to bursting. Ruby had pulled more than any one show I'd attended in the Words by the Water sessions. But I guess she is more universally famous than any of the Words by the Water speakers. And right from the start she didn't disappoint. Ruby infused comedy and laughter into everything she did and said in discussing what was a very serious subject. The crowd roared along at her comedy antics and she entertained us all. I had tears streaming down my face and laughing so much I felt I couldn't breath.

Wax opened up by giving a brief overview of how she had come to write the book that she was promoting at the show. She covered difficult mind / body subjects with humor and comedy informing easily, so that the information was understood and remembered.

Her topic was mindfulness. She had recently studied it at MA level in order to understand why as a people we were busier than ever before in time and we were all suffering with health conditions that shouldn't be part of modern daily life. She determined that the modern day illness is a result of thought. Yes, we only get sick because of how we think, and if we could channel our thoughts into specifics we could change the brain wiring, which would lead to better chemical (hormones) in the body.

This all made so much sense to me because it was what I believed too. She concluded the first part of the show by conducting a small mindfulness meditation, which had a powerful effect on my state and proved 100% that for me mindfulness meditation and visualisations are the way for me to control my mind and have a positive health benefit too. I began the show in fear of pain and ended the first part of it feeling utterly relaxed, well, and wondering why on earth I couldn't do this for myself. I've been trying to consistently meditate for months now, but I find my practice haphazard, consistent for weeks then trailing off into nothingness. I determined there and then that starting tomorrow I would dedicate myself to two ten minute sessions each day. I already have my practitioners Diploma in Meditation, I know it's good and that it works. So why do I not do it, I wonder? Plus I have the breathworks online 'Mindfulness for Health Online in a Worldwide Web-based Group' starting in April and I would like to be more consistent by then so that I can take an active part and not be struggling with the simple issue of consistency.

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