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Struggling to decide on which portable massage couch to purchase. This might be the one!

Affinity Marlon

Affinity Marlin Massage Couch

The Affinity Marlin is a truly portable table at just 14.5kgs. With its rapid set up and one-touch height control, the Affinity Marlin has been designed to be used and taken to the next appointment with the minimum of strain and difficulty for the therapist. A slimline but strong table featuring 4 leg cable system making it ideal for sports massage, mobile beauty treatments and accomodating large clients without fuss. The Marlin can be quickly and easily upgraded by adding the Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack (face cradle & arm rest). The Marlin has quickly established itself as a favourite for sports therapists and mobile massage and beauty therapists.

This low weight aluminium massage/salon table combines practicality, lightweight design and super strength. The main picture above shows the table with the optional upgrade of head cradle and cushion.

Designed to be quickly and easily set up and offering exceptional rigidity/stability, this aluminium massage and salon table can take large clients without fuss. Its lifting head section enables the most beneficial position for the client and therapist alike, making it a really useful, multi-functional massage and salon table. With reiki end panels (easy access panels) the therapist can put their knees under the massage table.

Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack

The Power Therapist Upgrade Pack includes the luxury face cradle and arm rest that together create the Affinity Power Therapist table and the ultimate experience for your clients. The Upgrade Pack opens up the Scapula and allows you to give a more effective treatment.


  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Length: 213cm (with head rest) or 185cm (without additional head rest)
  • Width: 25” (68.5cm)
  • Height: 66 – 81cm
  • Foam: 5cm supportive therafoam padding
  • Covering: PVC Vinyl leather
  • Maximum Static Weight: 907 kg/1999lbs
  • Maximum Working Weight: 450lbs
  • Massage Table Folded Size: 92 x 68.5 x 21cm


  • 7-second set up
  • Push button height control
  • Ergonomic breathe hole
  • Easy access from both ends
  • Lightweight
  • 75 degrees, 10 position lifting angle
  • Free carry case included
  • Available in white or navy

My Order

  • Affinity Marlin (white)
  • Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack (white)
  • Affinity Side Arm Extenders (white)
  • Affinity Folding Stool (white)
  • Affinity Paper Towel Holder
  • Affinity Wheeled Bag
  • Plus lots of other accessories that I will add along the way

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