MfH Week 9

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THE JOURNEY CONTINUES - Living with Choice

Step 8 (days 1-3). The Journey Continues - living with choice


  • Breath awareness and breath-based body scan.
  • Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions.
  • Mindfulness of moving and living.
  • Mindfulness of daily life and pacing.
  • Acceptance and self-compassion.
  • Pain has two elements - the first arrow to accept; the second arrow to overcome/reduce.
  • Softening towards pain/resistance opens up receptivity to pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Then broaden awareness to be aware of both pain and pleasure with balance. Become a yacht not a dinghy!
  • Broaden awareness still more to take our place in humanity and cultivate empathy.
  • Everything is always changing. Can guide life towards fulfilment by how we act.
  • Mindfulness and kindness are the key to life in that they give us CHOICE.

Step 8 (days 4-6). The Journey Continue - living with choice

Going deeper

  • To conclude course return to breath-based body scan & breathing anchor meditations.
  • Inhabiting the body and breath is foundation of the whole course.
  • Remember: the practical outcome of mindfulness = live with choice.
  • Remember: Respond rather than react! Repeat this phrase regularly throughout day.
  • Remember: mindfulness and kindness are the keys to living well.
  • We can't control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond!
  • Remember: Actions have consequences.
  • Like grains of gold dust on scales, every moment of awareness and kindness matters & has consequences.
  • Take everything you have learned into daily life and you will not be disappointed. You can be free!

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 8 Days 1-3

Review your pacing or mindfulness rhythm programme. Continue with the 3-minute breathing space at least twice a day.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 8 Days 4-6

Review your pacing or mindfulness rhythm programme. Continue with the 3-minute breathing space at least twice a day.

Finally: be gentle, kind and caring with yourself in all situations regardless of how your mindfulness training is going!

Monday - 02/06/2014

Working with mindfulness and the placebo effect to enhance my wellness.

Tuesday - 03/06/2014

Today I have found something out that has rocked my faith in loyalty and true friendships. I've been betrayed by men before, but this time my so called bestie has betrayed me and I am having to face the fact that I continue to attract people like my mother, people who isolate me by whatever means they can, simply because I 'know' them! During our friendship, this person has called so many people to me, BIG TIME (in an awfully bitchy manner), and I now find that she is mixing very closely with those people she has previously slagged off. I am shocked to my very core. I have edited out the rest of the stuff that I originally put here about her because I felt it was enough for me to know it and vibrationally it wasn't helpful to me to 'tell all'. But trust me it gets bad and you may read about in a post to come because I have saved it. Suffice to say, I am shocked at my level of tolerance and belief that someone who stoops to the levels she does is acceptable to me!


Yes the question I am asking myself is, why would I have ever really wanted to be friends with such a person??? Because she was familiar to me, like my bloody sodding mother.

Today I decide NO MORE! No more will I put up with, tolerate or attract that kind of a person into my life!

Wednesday - 04/06/2014

Today I've ditched FB, for a minimum of a month, but maybe for good! I don't need it ...

Thursday - 05/06/2014

Off to the eye clinic and learning to simply be.

Respond rather than react ...

Friday - 06/06/2014

I only attract people into my life that are equal to me, being loyal and true ...

Saturday - 07/06/2014

Self-Care Boot Camp! Wow! What a day ...

Sunday - 08/06/2014

Cheryl was excellent yesterday, I learned quite a few little techniques that I can harness and use within my own self-care process. Thank You so much Cheryl, you are a beautiful soul, inside and out, and a very good friend too, lots of love to you and Michael.

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