MfH Week 6

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Step 5 (days 1-3). The Treasure of Pleasure


  • This week focus on pleasure.
  • There's always something pleasant when we know how to seek it out.
  • Mindfulness training is becoming more alive and awake to all our experience.
  • Training this week is meditating on pleasure e.g warm hands or smooth & soft face etc.
  • And pausing once an hour to notice pleasant things within daily life.
  • Write at least 10 pleasant things a day in your diary.
  • And how are you getting on with setting baselines for daily activities and using a timer?
  • Are you learning to establish a 'mindfulness rhythm'?
  • Remember: no body paces perfectly but we can all improve with awareness and kindness.

Step 5 (days 4-6). The Treasure of Pleasure

Going deeper

  • How are you getting on with seeking out the pleasant in meditation and daily life?
  • Did you manage to write down 10 pleasant experiences a day in your diary?
  • And how are you finding the Body Scan?
  • And have you been experimenting with using a timer?
  • Remember: Take a break before you need it!
  • You're probably still pushing past limits at times - habits are hard to change.
  • But rejoice in any small improvements and be light hearted!
  • Continue to notice pleasant things in daily life.
  • "What we dwell on we become". Dwelling on the pleasant and enjoyable means we'll value these qualities more.
  • Mindfulness in daily life as important as meditation training!

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 5 Days 1-3

Pause once an hour to notice pleasant and enjoyable things. Write a list of 10 pleasant and enjoyable things a day in your diary. Continue exploring baselines and using a timer.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 5 Days 4-6

Notice pleasant experience and sensations within normal activities of daily life. Continue to write a list of 10 pleasant and enjoyable things a day in your diary. Continue exploring baselines and using timer.

Monday - 12/05/2014

Today is international ME/CFS * Fibromyalgia * MCS awareness day and I am stopping throughout the day to give thought as to how these illness have impacted on my life.

Pacing myself and accepting that, 'it is what it is' and 'this moment, right now, is all I have'.

Ten Good Things

  • life
  • my husband, who gets up everyday and goes to work for his family, no matter how he feels
  • my beautiful home
  • beautiful Cumbria
  • not having to worry about bills & money
  • friends who love and care about me
  • a family who loves and cares about me
  • food
  • my aromatherapy oil burners
  • opportunities to self development and growth

Tuesday - 13/05/2014

Woke up with a really bad headache and needed to take lots of pain killers.

Ten Good Things

  • syndol
  • people who care about me
  • good drama on TV
  • easy teas
  • facebook friends
  • my children
  • the smell of cut grass
  • living so close the lake district national park
  • evening walks
  • books

Wednesday - 14/05/2014

I've been ill again all day yesterday and all through the night.

Ten Good Things

  • my cup of coffee in the morning (made by my husband)
  • people who accept me for who I am
  • the smell of the fresh spring air in the morning
  • our solar energy and the money it generates
  • the position we are in financially
  • seeing my husband everyday at lunch time
  • that we have enough money to employ a cleaner (she starts next week)
  • I love my beautiful home
  • not having to get up and sort Ashley out with a lift to the bus stop
  • feeling loved and safe

Thursday - 15/05/2014

I go for my sleep study this evening and I am hoping to have the worse night ever so that if there is a problem it is picked up and my ill-health is resolved.

Ten Good Things

  • being alive
  • the NHS in the UK, which citizen's of other countries do not get
  • that I am a really nice human being
  • people in general are nice
  • my lovely car
  • the weather
  • kindness
  • fresh air
  • costa coffee
  • love

Friday - 16/05/2014

Didn't sleep too well last night, but it wasn't my worst night ever, as I had hoped. I just hope the results reveal something so that I can improve my everyday experiences in life.

Ten Good Things

  • the ability to look after myself
  • water
  • the weather, the sun, wind & rain
  • safe roads
  • keswick & lorton (the lake district national park)
  • the beautiful scenery on our drive home through the eden valley
  • ashley
  • aaron
  • family
  • good wholesome organic smells

Saturday - 17/05/2014

Busy, busy, busy, day. Food shopping, washing clothes, and dealing with family dynamics ;)

Ten Good Things

  • a good nights sleep
  • andrew, aaron, & ashley
  • life
  • marks & spencers food
  • family working as a team
  • BGT
  • free gifts
  • the wind blowing on my face and through my hair
  • new clothes
  • pink

Sunday - 18/05/2014

Beautiful walk with my lovely husband, in and around Brandlingill, gorgeous weather, gorgeous day.

Ten Good Things

  • lorton
  • love
  • the beautiful countryside
  • days without pain
  • Facebook friends & networks
  • the opportunity to take part in this Mindfulness for Health course
  • my dad (I think about him every day; he was a beautiful positive influence on me and my life
  • currant teacakes
  • my wonderful husband
  • my own intelligence

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