MfH Week 5

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Step 4 (days 1-3). Acceptance and Self-Compassion


  • This week turning towards our experience to soften resistance and cultivate acceptance & self-compassion.
  • Central to Breathworks is dividing pain/illness into two elements:
  • Primary suffering & secondary suffering.
  • Are you beginning to accept the things you can't change (primary suffering/first arrow) and reduce or even overcome the things you can change(secondary suffering/second arrows).
  • Training is to turn towards discomfort with tenderness and kindness and breathe with experience.
  • Moment by moment let go of reactions.
  • Try not to have special expectations - see what you discover!

Step 4 (days 4-6). Acceptance and Self-Compassion

Going deeper

  • Are you treating yourself as you'd naturally treat someone you love - with tenderness and care?
  • At the very least have the intention of acceptance, kindliness and compassion towards your suffering.
  • If you feel overwhelmed - broaden your awareness to notice other things as well.
  • If you feel numb and blocked - move closer to actual sensations of pain or discomfort.
  • Can you be like the 'Living Well' bird with strong and balanced wings.*
  • How is the Breathing anchor going?
  • Whatever happens it's OK - even if your thoughts wander 100 times.

* You can find an image of the ‘Living Well’ bird within the Documents section in the box on Training page.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 4 Days 1-3

Pause once an hour and notice if resistance is present. Breathe into this experience with a kindly breath.

Analyse diaries and begin to use timer. For more on this read the Mindfulness in Daily Life section in the box on your profile page. You can download Diary analysis and Baseline templates from the Documents section in the box on training page.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 4 Days 4-6

Dwell in the body within the normal activities of daily life and recognise resistance when it arises. Continue to experiment with setting baselines and using timer.

Monday - 05/05/2014

Secondary suffering is definitely the worse part of my illness. I am pleased to realise that mindfulness can change this.


Thought for Today

change takes time …

Tuesday - 06/05/2014


Wednesday - 07/05/2014

Huuuuuuuuh, I blow out the pain and the fight to keep on going. It's another day filled with pain. And I let go of it all, I give up, I've so come to the end of the road ...

Thursday - 08/05/2014

My aim is to be authentic with myself and completely and wholly accept me for who I am, not what I can or can't do.

Friday - 09/05/2014

Bad week, I am behind with my mindfulness and I am feeling worn down with always being in pain. I didn't complete my diaries last week, and I haven't analysed any of them either, I haven't read the corresponding chapter in the Mindfulness for Health book (in fact I haven't done it for two weeks now, I will be three weeks behind on Sunday if I don't get on with it!). This is an indication that I am doing way too much; far more than I am capable of. I will ease up on myself and recognise just how much I am doing.

Saturday - 10/05/2014

I am having some huge personal revelations. For instance, I realise I punish myself by not taking care of myself and insisting I put housework, which makes me feel worse, before enjoying my life and feeling good about myself.

I intend to authentic, even if this means I feel vulnerable.

I accept, completely and wholly, who I am and what I am capable of, I enjoy my life and living ...

Sunday - 11/05/2014

chill out day ...

in each and every moment I authentically live who I am

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