MfH Week 4

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Step 3 (days 1-3). Mindfulness of Movement and Living


  • We often become less mobile when living with pain, illness or discomfort of any kind.
  • But bodies are designed to move so this may cause secondary health problems.
  • Doing some very simple guided mindful movements will help build confidence and courage.
  • Main emphasis is on the quality of awareness as you move, not how far you can move or stretch.
  • Body is always naturally moving with breath so now extending this into larger movements.
  • Mindful movement is breath in action.
  • It's more a meditation than a physical exercise session.

Step 3 (days 4-6). Mindfulness of Movement and Living

Going deeper

  • Mindfulness training is noticing each time your attention wanders = magic moment of awareness!
  • Come back to present moment … again and again.
  • Are you letting the mindful movements follow the rhythm of the natural breath?
  • Now bring mindful movement into everyday activities - lifting kettle, opening doors etc.
  • Notice whenever you hold the breath and learn to soften.
  • Breathe into any sensations of pain or discomfort as you go about normal activities.
  • How are you getting on with the mindfulness in daily life diaries?
  • Mindfulness in daily life and 'pacing' helps me live well with my pain. Maybe it will for you too!

*If you have any concerns about the appropriateness of these movements for your health please seek advice from your health professional.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 3 Days 1-3

Practice some of the formal mindful movements at least 3 times a day outside the guided sessions.
Also begin to design a personal pacing programme. Keep Mindfulness of Daily Activity diaries for 7 days. For more on this read the Mindfulness in Daily Life section in the box on your profile page. You can download Diary templates from the Documents section in the box on training page.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 3 Days 4-6

Breathing with the normal activities of daily life. Continue keeping Mindfulness of Daily Activity Diaries.

Monday - 28/04/2014

Boom and bust is something I am very familiar with, it's something I do all the time and I feel that I would benefit immensely if I could get out of doing this.

diary entry - On starting the mindful movements, I initially thought, 'these are pretty sedate', however, what I noticed was that the slowness of the movements were exhausting for me; maybe an indication of how exhausted and tired I actually am? My arms ached and fell down a few times out of weakness and after finishing the complete ten minutes of mindfulness movement my thoracic muscle burned, more so on the right side, and my head, my eyes and my face, especially my left eye and left side of my head and face, began to be in pain. I will continue with the mindfulness movements but I will be less enthusiastic and vigorous in doing them because I recognise how delicate I am.

Tuesday - 29/04/2014

diary entry - Feeling quite poorly today. I cleaned the house yesterday, whilst not well enough, and today I pay the price. The mindful movements felt really difficult but I continued with them, even though I didn't give them my full attention, though I'm not sure if I will do more than one lot today. Also, I didn't manage to do the body scan with full attention either. But despite these two failings, I intend to be very kindly towards myself as I am incredibly unwell today. Went for a very long drive to, and around, Lorton.

Wednesday - 30/04/2014

diary entry - Woke up feeling like I've been in ten rounds with Tyson. Not good (:

Thursday - 01/05/2014

diary entry - Struggling with the mindful movement, not that they are hard but that I can't seem to enjoy them like I do the body scans. Today I have vertigo and to move on with the program I am simply going to listen to the mindful movement and imagine doing it. I am really finding the breath awareness technique really useful, and I am finding myself applying it more and more each day. It feels nice.

Friday - 02/05/2014

diary entry - I really like the body scan but the mindful movement isn't suiting me at all, I hate doing it and find myself becoming impatient with it. I think it's to do with my perception of what constitutes movement and exercise and what it stands for. I am struggling to accept that I am as sick as I really am.

Time to let go and accept the here and now, and today I am a very sick girl ...

Saturday - 03/05/2014

diary entry - All I have been doing in the body scan, and the breath awareness, but they are making a difference, especially the breath awareness.

Sunday - 04/05/2014

diary entry - Gutting our son's bedroom - YUK - how can anyone be so scruffy - and I feel so unwell ...

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