MfH Week 3

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Step 2 (days 1-3). Dwelling In The Body


  • Notice if you think "I'll do mindfulness practice later". Just do it!
  • Mindfulness helps us live with flow: experience always changing.
  • Breathing anchor helps to 'anchor' the mind around breath in body.
  • Mindfulness helps us look 'at' thoughts/emotions rather than 'from' them. Thoughts are not facts!
  • Meditation isn't about having blank mind - but becoming self-aware.
  • Mindfulness is middle way between 'suppression/blocking' & 'over-identifying/drowning' with our experience.

* you can find an image depicting this ‘middle way’ within the Documents section in the box on Training page.

Step 2 (days 4-6). Dwelling In The Body

Going deeper

  • How have you found the breathing anchor? It's common for attention to wander!
  • Remember: each time you become aware you've wandered is a magic moment of success in practice!
  • Meditation training makes it easier to concentrate.
  • Notice how pain isn't a solid 'enemy'.
  • Learning to 'wake up' from being lost in thought means we can make conscious choices.
  • Notice if you're starting to respond consciously rather than react automatically.
  • Body scan is an awareness practice; it helps you soften around tension and pain without trying to relax.
  • Bring tenderness and kindness to tension and pain.
  • Learning new 'positive habit' of giving weight up to gravity over and over, rather than straining against gravity.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 2 Days 1-3

Stop and be still once an hour for a few moments with awareness of your whole body as it breathes.

Mindfulness in Daily Life exercise

Step 2 Days 4-6

Bring awareness to your whole body as it breathes in the normal activities of daily life.

Monday - 21/04/2014

Feeling stressed. My husband is off work for a week. We have new electric bikes. I am poorly from our bike ride the other day. There is lots of housework that should be done. I am stressed by everything that needs to be done. So I am taking out sometime to do some breathworks, because I don't want to feel like this any longer and the breathworks body scan helps me to feel better and to acknowledge what is going on inside and outside for me. I am becoming more connected as a whole person and I can no longer ignore what my body is saying.

Tuesday - 22/04/2014

I am finding the body scan and breath anchor useful and the techniques they offer I have been applying within my whole day. Using the breath to anchor me into the present moment is having a profound effect on my health. I must be releasing all those secondary pains.

Wednesday - 23/04/2014

Affected by Others ...

During the meditation today I realised how affected by others I really am. When there are tensions in the house I am on edge and I can't settle. I tend to want to fix things, but this isn't good for me either. My body is in a responsive reactive state and I don't like it ...
Going to change ...

Thought for Today

Each time we wake up from being lost in the past or the future we create a space of present moment awareness, we wake up to this very special moment, which is all we have ...

Thursday - 24/04/2014

Visited family. Had a massive headache, but I did use my breath anchoring to cope, which meant I only needed to take 1 tablet.

Friday - 25/04/2014

Bad headache but used breath anchoring and breath awareness and by the end of the day I was exceptionally fine.

Saturday - 26/04/2014

I have been using the breath awareness continually to deal with my headaches and I am definitely feeling a lot better and in a lot less pain.

Sunday - 27/04/2014

Beautiful and wonderful things are happening. My perfect life is coming together ...

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