MfH Week 1

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Monday - 07/04/2014

This week is all about getting to know each other a little as well as working out the voicethread program (I have the app too). There are 13 of us in the group with various reasons for doing the course, some are doing it for health reasons and some for teacher training reasons.

Tuesday - 08/04/2014

Woke up today feeling so unwell that I'm not sure how long I can carry on like this. So, out of desperation, I decided to start reading the book that corresponds to the Mindfulness for Health course. Today I've read the first three chapters and feel that it might be the best thing I have ever embarked upon.

As regards the course, more members have introduced themselves and a few interesting conversations have developed. We seem to be a group of sick people, who are desperate to find relief, except for a couple who are doing it as a pre-requisite to teacher training. I have an idea that maybe I will use it, in the long-term, as part of my teacher training, as I will go onto to run Mindfulness for Health & Mindfulness for Stress courses.

Thought for Today

What you resist persists ...

Wednesday - 09/04/2014

Greek philosophers considered pain to be an emotion. So today I might say I am in a very emotional state, because I am in so much pain. Maybe my emotions are speaking to me. What is it they are saying? That I will have to mindfully explore. Will be back ...

See 'Is pain an emotion?' post, for more on this subject.

Thursday - 10/04/2014

Today I have massive eye and head pain again, but I am trying to breathe into the pain and use mindfulness to cope and not create more secondary symptoms.

Within the groups things are taking a nice turn to us getting to know one another and communication is good and everyone seems to be very nice. There are none of those know it all or big mouth types that spoil things.

Today I took the whole day for myself. I went out to Keswick, went for a meal, and walked around the shops. I had a really nice day.

Friday - 11/04/2014

Beautiful day in York. I've never been before, but we had to take our push bikes there to get them converted to electric bikes and what a fab day we had and what a gorgeous place York is. When we go to collect our bikes next week we will be staying over to explore York. Roll on Thursday & Friday ...

Saturday - 12/04/2014

This evening we went to the Theatre by the Lake, to see Dancing at Lughnasa

Lughnasa: ancient Celtic pagan festival at the beginning of harvest. Also called Lammas; still celebrated in Ireland.

It’s 1936 and in rural Donegal a way of life is about to end. For the five unmarried Mundy sisters and their young nephew Michael, Lughnasa not only marks the changing of the seasons but also a change in their lives.

When their missionary brother Jack returns from years abroad and Michael’s father arrives on an unexpected visit, the sisters soon realise the men have brought home more baggage than just their suitcases.

The sisters’ beloved wireless brings a welcome escape, with dancing, laughter and moments of tenderness. But beneath the brave faces, these women are fighting to keep body and soul together.

Brian Friel’s semi-autobiographical story is an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning play. A powerful portrayal of the yearning of the human spirit to break free.

Running time: 2hr 35min (inc. interval)

Sunday - 13/04/2014

OH my! The dreams that I had last night were so realistic I'd swear I did some distance mind communicating. I will write about it, sometime soon, (already done), in a blog post entitled, Dear Beautiful ..., and which can be found in my Life Journal ..., . My mind is blown and I am feeling really disturbed by this experience ...

I am wondering if the other person involved is too?

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