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Today we went for a walk in my favourite village, Lorton. It's the place where I visualise living all the time. The air was so clean and fresh. It was a miracle that I was actually out walking since I have been extremely unwell lately.

I had a very bad day yesterday, in fact the last few weeks have been awful. But yesterday the pain was simply too much to live with, so I took lots of tablets and slept the day and the pain away. I think I caused great concern to my husband as for the last couple of weeks I have just been going downhill. Today I woke up without too much pain and a much lighter spirit. However, when my husband asked if I fancied a walk in Lorton, although the weather was lovely and Lorton is one of my favourite places in the world, my initial reaction was to blurt out, 'I don't have the energy to even breathe, and today is my first day in an age without massive pain, I don't mean to be awful, but NO THANK YOU!'.

After what felt like a very long and sad silence, and my contemplations about his life and that fact that he doesn't do anything, he's always either working, looking after me, or doing housework; only yesterday he did all the ironing so that I had an easier week ahead, I changed my mind. And I was pleased I did. We had a beautiful walk and I cam home feeling so much better, and then we spent a long time on rightmove looking at houses that we would fancy to live in.

The most interesting bit was to follow. During our later conversations my husband told me that in the morning he had spent quite some time intending health and wellness toward me. The previous evening we had done a Deepak meditation together and he had been inspired to do more. Coupled with the stuff David Hamilton had taught us at the I HEART ME seminar, and the Deepak information we had discussed and meditated upon the previous evening, Andrew meditated for some time before I awoke, sending me health and wellness so that my day would be better than previous days. It seemed to work as it was the best day I've had in weeks. He says he is going to do it consistently lots more.

I believe the reason why it worked so well is, firstly, because I didn't know, and secondly, because I am an empath and I soak up the energies of those around me, especially those I am interconnected with. So, my darling Andrew, I THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart, I love you with everything I have. You are the very best thing that has ever happened to me and my life. xXx

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