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Welcome back to day 6 of the 7-day journaling series. Today we are working with the 3rd eye chakra: where we find knowledge, critical thinking as well as intuition, creative visualization, and dreaming. Write on each prompt for as long as it feels comfortable, and then move on to the next one. If there are prompts that don’t feel pleasing to you, feel free to skip them; but I would recommend returning to them at a later date because it is likely that those prompts that are most unappealing are the ones that you need to interact with the most.

* What was/is your experience with formal education? How do you think it helped you in life? Are there ways that it hindered you?
* Describe your first memory of school. Perhaps it was your first day of kindergarten. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells. Describe the feelings that you have attached to that memory. Was this a positive experience? Why or why not?
* What is your relationship with intuition? Are you striving to become more intuitive? How? Are your intuitions usually accurate? Give an example.
* What important lessons have you learned from your dreams? Give an example. Or, are you one who doesn’t pay much attention to your dreams?
* When you were growing up, how much value did your family place on education? How do you think that affects the way you are today?
* Make a list of 101 wishes. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like… but keep going until you have 101.
* Describe the perfect setting for being creative. Perhaps this is a place you’re already familiar with… or maybe it is a space you’ve yet to make. Be as descriptive as possible.
* Visualize your perfect life… What does it look like? What are you doing? Who is a part of that life? Where are you living and working?
* Describe the most difficult problem that you’ve ever successfully solved. What steps did you take to solve that problem? What emotions did you experience as you worked through those steps? How did you feel afterward?
* If you were to make changes in your life that would strengthen the power of your mind, what would those changes be? How easy/difficult would making those changes be? What barriers do you have that prevent you from making those changes?

I will be sharing some of my own 3rd Eye Journaling excerpts here over the next few days. Please share some of your writing too! Also, I would love to hear of any realizations or epiphanies that come as you’re writing.

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