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We have arrived at day 4 of the 7-day journaling series, where we move to the energy of the heart: the place of love and hate; anger and forgiveness; gratitude and greed; passion and ache. Write on each prompt for as long as it feels comfortable, and then move on to the next one. If there are prompts that don’t feel pleasing to you, feel free to skip them; but I would recommend returning to them at a later date because it is likely that those prompts that are most unappealing are the ones that you need to interact with the most.

* What and who do you love? Try to name at least 100.
* Describe your first memory of feeling love. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells. Describe the feelings that you have attached to that memory.
* Who are you having a hard time forgiving? What did they do? What is preventing you from forgiving?
* Describe your first broken heart. Who broke it and how? How did you move past it?
* When you were growing up, did your family show love openly? Or did love seem awkward? How do you think that affects the way you are today?
* What does your anger look like? Be as descriptive as possible.
* What makes the fire in your heart burn? What are those things that you are most passionate about? What do you do to honor that passion?
* Do you feel that you are worthy of love? Why or why not?
* Describe a situation where you felt hurt at the time, but now feel grateful for the experience and what it has taught or brought you. What did you learn? How have those lessons made you stronger or wiser?
* If you were to make changes in your life that would make you a more compassionate person, what would those changes be? How easy/difficult would those changes be? What barriers do you have that prevent you from making those changes?

I will be sharing some of my own Heart Journaling excerpts here over the next few days. Please share some of your writing too! Also, I would love to hear of any realizations or epiphanies that come as you’re writing.

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