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This is the final day of the 7-day journaling series. If you’ve stuck with me all week, you probably feel full…overloaded with trips down memory lane, list making, goal setting, and self-discovery. Let’s do this one more day! Today we are working with the crown chakra: where we find spiritual connection. Write on each prompt for as long as it feels comfortable, and then move on to the next one. If there are prompts that don’t feel pleasing to you, feel free to skip them; but I would recommend returning to them at a later date because it is likely that those prompts that are most unappealing are the ones that you need to interact with the most.

* How do you differentiate between spirituality and religion? Or do you see them as being the same? Explain.
* How would you describe your relationship with your Creator?
* Do you think that you have a Divine purpose? What is it? Why do you think that?
* When you were growing up, how much value did your family place on religion and/or spirituality? How do you think that affects the way you are today?
* What do you know about prayer? Where did you learn these things?
* If God or your Higher Power were standing right in front of you, what questions would you ask? List as many questions as you can. Do you already know the answer to any of these questions?
* How does your spirituality affect the decisions you make?
* What is your contribution to the world? Or what do you hope your contribution will be?
* If you were to make changes in your life that would strengthen your spiritual center, what would those changes be? How easy/difficult would making those changes be? What barriers do you have that prevent you from making those changes?

I will be sharing some of my own Crown Journaling excerpts here over the next few days. Please share some of your writing too! Also, I would love to hear of any realizations or epiphanies that come as you’re writing.

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