It’s been such a very long time …

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My last post was over a month ago and so much has happened since that time. I hardly know where to begin, but I wouldn't want to let August go by without at least one blog.

As a first. Our plot and house design is coming along nicely. I've been quite busy gathering ideas for our new place, hence my lack of posting. The plot is rather small, not a bad thing when you get carried away like me and my husband do, so we are being very creative with the space we have available. Initially, we had decided to have a basement so that we had the space we are used to, we presently live in a very large five-bedroomed home, but, after much deliberation, we decided that considering my health condition the wisest thing would be to down-size and build in line with the plot (so no basement). The last time we lived in a smaller house I was much weller, so it seems like the best idea and we will no longer need a cleaner, which has to be a good thing. From my perspective, it feels awful knowing that everyone in the household goes out to work, except me, and that between them they have to pay for a house cleaner because I get super ill when I do too much. Hence, I rather think that sizing down will have a massive positive effect on me, I only hope it sits as well, long term, with the rest of the family.

In addition to our creative home planning, I have made contact with some friends from a long time ago and have been re-connecting with them. (Love you all, Cathy, Danny, Stu, & Gary, I'm so happy to have you back in my life again ...) I've had some FAB times recently, and in the past, and rekindled some 'soul level' friendships, something that has been very lacking in my life of late.

I am feeling very full and blessed at the moment.

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