Is pain an emotion?

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Greek philosophers considered pain to be an emotion.

Viduamala Burch & Danny Penmann write, 'it is clear that pain is far more subtle and complex than the traditional idea of damage signals being sent to the brain, which are then passively felt', they argue that, 'pain is a sensation ...' interpreted by the brain, and that, 'this means that the thoughts and emotions flowing through your mind, both conscious and unconscious, have a dramatic effect on the intensity of your suffering'.

What do you think?

Today I am in so much pain it's almost unbearable. Working with mindfulness, I would say, I need to get out of my head and simply be in the moment. Because this moment is all I have! And in this moment, yes of course I can cope with the pain.

So if pain is an emotion, then what emotions are causing me this distress? And if my pain is interpreted by my brain, what thoughts and emotions are having an effect on its intensity?

If my pain is an emotion, then the emotion of course is called PAIN, but for me it will be to do with the way I view my life. The dis-contentedness that I feel at being nothing more than a housewife, at being nothing more than ... (I won't put into words these thoughts and ideas because I would never want anyone who enjoys this sort of work to feel that I look down upon it, but for me it is not who I am or what I want). I want to live ... and I fell as though I am not living ...

I am sure there are so many of you out there who know exactly what I am talking about. This is the emotion, I think, that might be behind all my pain!

The thoughts and emotions that are having their effect upon my interpretation of pain go something like this.

OH NO! Is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life?

How can I change things?

Is it possible to change things?

Can the status quo be altered?

Of course it can!

OK! Can it change for me? Can I actually have autonomy over my life?

I try, but I don't seem to get there. I know I may be closer today than I was five years ago, hopefully I am. But can I really get there before it's my time to expire?

Is that the driving force behind everything we do? I mean, really, all of us. You, me, them, every single one of us. In the back of our heads are we so subconsciously aware that we will die that we are either driven to succeed or hindered to be paralysed?

After this brief interaction with my inner self, I think that maybe pain is an emotion, mine could be at the very least. I also think that my thoughts and emotions are definitely playing their role on how my pain is felt!

That said, in the words of 'what the bleep', 'it's time to get wise' and the way I will do this is to get mindful!

Have a beautiful day you beautiful people out there xXX

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