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Last weekend we, my husband Andrew and I, went to a Dr David Hamilton three day seminar called 'I heart me!' and I have to say we had a fantastic time. We met some lovely people and made some lifelong friends too.

Bridge of Allan, where the seminar was held, is a lovely quaint village in Stirling, Scotland. We ate out every night while we were there at the fabulous Bologna restaurant. And on the Saturday evening we all, we invited for tea at David's home, courtesy of his beautiful wife Elizabeth, her mother, and David's sister too, which was an excellent experience.

David and Elizabeth's home is a lovely recently converted barn with views overlooking the countryside, where David or Elizabeth take Oscar for his walks, with the castle and other monumentous Scottish scenes in the not too far off distance.

The evening began with us all meeting outside the hotel in order to transport everyone there in as few cars as possible. On arriving, I was hit by the smell of garlic bread meandering through my senses. We were given drinks and mingled and chatted whilst waiting for the time to eat to arrive.

It was all so beautiful, voices chattering away, music gently playing in the background, making new friends with like minded people. I briefly allowed my mind to flick back to a few weeks ago, recalling my friend of over thirty years breaking friends with me and the pangs of loneliness that I had felt seemed much less harsh now. I'd never imagined anything as good as this.

The food began to be served as our hosts tirelessly served all eighteen of us. For starters, there was melon salad and garlic, which consisted of melon drizzled with mint seasoned olive oil, everyone else had cucumber and melon but I have a dreadful allergy to the stuff. This was followed by lasagne with salad and more garlic bread for the main course, and finished off nicely with huge strawberries dipped in chocolate presently exquisitely on a pretty vintage three tiered serving gadget. The chatter of contentedness filled the room as we ate and got to know one another much better.

The whole evening was simply wonderful and I got to realise what a marvelous species the human race is, you simply have to find like minded people to associate with.

Regarding the seminar, there is so much to tell you about that I will have to break it down into several posts. We learnt lots of self-love techniques that David has been using himself, and perfecting, whilst writing his book titled 'I Heart Me', which I will share with you over the next three days. In the following posts, which will be named 'I Heart Me! day 1', 'I Heart Me! day 2', 'I Heart Me! day 3', I will summarise my notes for you.

I came away a much more serene person than when I went and I have just booked us into his:

Integrating Science Coaching Seminar

In this 5-Day intensive event I'll be teaching you about the best bits of science to incorporate into your own practices that will help you communicate what you do with greater authority and authenticity. You will also receive a manual with course content plus references to all the science taught.

We'll cover mind-body science (placebo effect, meditation, attitude, neuroplasticity, the mind-gene interface, and more) the impact of kindness and compassion on health, hands-on healing and scientific explanations of it, the nature and effects of consciousness, how we attract what we focus on, emotional contagion, and much more.

This event is ideal for people who have an existing coaching or therapy practice, or people wishing to start one up, or anyone with an interest on the bridge between science, self-help, and spirituality.

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