I Heart Me! day 2

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Marital discord leads / results in a 40% reduction in oxytocin, which in turn leads to a reduction in the healing process by a timeframe of 40%. Marital harmony, therefore, is essential for, and directly proportional to, healing.

Mirror Neuron System: by watching someone else exercise muscles, or do anything for that matter, we convince our brains that we too are taking part in the activity and subsequently benefit through muscle strength gain by about 33%.

EFT will automatically and instantly shunt resources to the frontal cortex in order to enable the individual to recall an event or situation that will enable them to cope or work through something.

Omega 3, 6, 9, is essential to mental health. EPA has been determined to improve mental health and also to ease the effects of the menopause, far better than HRT.

As well as the placebo effect, there is also the naucebo effect, which is where the fear that something will cause a negative effect comes into play above and beyond the real effects.

Why we experience the same stuff is due to chrono biology, clock gene, our entire body nervous system is cyclical Potentially we simply meeting the same stuff but at a much higher level.

Again, consistency is the key to any of these suggestions. No one ever won a gold medal by attending the gym once.


Tapping into your inner Buddha. Address a problem, in writing and using three different coloured pens, firstly from your inner critic, then respond from the criticised, and then allow our inner Buddha, the wise compassionate being inside yourself, to have their say. It can be any problem that has caused you distress, or just something inside yourself that you would like to address. You can go back and forth between the three as many times as you need to. When you feel the discussion is complete come up with positive affirmation(s) that can be used whenever the criticism arises in the future. Finally, write yourself a short letter, from your inner Buddha, use it as a reminder of what your Buddha wishes to say to you whenever you feel criticised. You will learn so much about yourself doing this exercise, plus you can use it over and over on many and varied issues.

Further Research / Reading / Courses

David Hamilton: I HEART ME!

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