I Heart Me! day 1

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There is a progression in self love development that starts as below:


The road through these stages involves:

  • being authentic
  • becoming who we want to be
  • coming to your own party
  • having the party of your life
  • self actualisation

In the mirror neuron system we mirror our parents, we even mimic their mannerisms, this is called neuron programming. Children behave naturally, while adults behave normally. Beliefs become contagious. The degree is determined by where you are on the emotional contagion scale.

Self-love is internal and is built on self-acceptance. Self-esteem comes from external events and is built from success. Negative comments are far more powerful than positive ones. To have self-love, as adults, we need to behave more naturally and authentically. Consistency of self love is the key.

Osmosis in the name given to the mirror neuron process. 60% - 90% of communication is non-verbal. And so osmosis is responsible for all our learned beliefs (copies from our parents on a non-verbal level).

When stressed we lose 60% of the blood flow to our frontal cortex, thereby preventing and restricting our ability to function mentally under stress.


Who Am I?

To review ourselves retrospectively in terms of how we acted and behaved as a child. What were our aspirations?

To find out 'Who Am I?', for four consecutive days write for 30 mins.

Where Could I Be More Authentic or Vulnerable?

Find ways, in your own life to be more authentically you even if this makes you feel vulnerable.

Loving Kindness Meditation

I am filled with loving-kindness
I am well
... peacefull and at ease
... happy
... & I am free of suffering

May ... be filled with loving-kindness
... be well
... peacefull and at ease
... happy
... & may ... be free of suffering

Do this 3 times x for: self, loved-one, neutral person, 'difficult' person, everyone in the world = 1 cycle

Further Research / Reading / Courses

David Hamilton: I HEART ME!

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