First post of 2015 …

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I know it's been too long since I posted. This blog entry is way over due! But here goes ...

So many things have happened I hardly know where to begin.

Meadow View

Firstly, for those of you who know me well: The piece of land we were buying, fell through. We were both very disappointed and did everything we could to hang on to it, even though we were being shown that it wasn't a good buy. Anyway, we reluctantly gave in and sadly let it go. Then four days later, out of the blue, an estate agent gave us a ring regarding a piece of land we'd been interest in sometime ago but it just wasn't the right time for us. The land was ours if we wanted it. It wouldn't go back on the market, there would be no fussing and fighting, it simply was ours if we were still interest. WELL YES! Of course we are still interested, and we have now completed and will be building soon! Watch this space for pictures and updates.


Other areas in my life are going pretty well too. I've started a new job! Yes I know ... That's a turn up for the books I'd say. I don't know if I'm physically up to it, but psychologically and emotionally I needed to get out of the house and a job was the only thing that moved me enough to do it. It's an easy job, I could actually do it in my sleep but it gets me out and I meet new people every single day. I've met some nice colleagues too and even made a special connection with one colleague.

Also, our son has a new job too and he is doing amazingly well. This means the whole family is quite happy in our work environments.


I've been having some excellent, private, counselling, which has enabled me to moved on leaps and bounds in my healing from my childhood and from all the awful things that my childhood opened me to up. I will post more in this regard over the next few blogs. However, in a nut shell, I am getting to know the pain my 'little girl' felt and I am understanding the impact this has had on her; I am awakening to the dysfunctional way I have engage with people, always being the 'fixer' but not from an adult / parent perspective, more from an adult / parent within my child perspective. This might be little difficult to understand the way I'm writing it, but trust me it is very very true to for me and awakening to this is changing my world right before my very eyes.

More Personal Stuff

I am still having repercussions and waves from someone I knew in the past, someone with narcissistic tendencies. Those of you who are members and have read my story will know who and what this about. In view of this most of my new posts will continue to be private and only approved members will be able to continue reading about this saga ... I may post more about this in future blogs, or maybe not ...

I expect as I continue to heal my 'little girl' within, these incidents will fade into non existence and the past ones will truly become part of the past and no longer will they have any meaning in my present life whatsoever.

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