Electric Bikes …

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We collected our electric bikes, from York, yesterday. And both being eager to try them out we went out last night for about an hour and half and again today. Today we went out for a ride, into Beautiful Cumbria, with every intention of going to Lorton and some more, probably on a route around the local area. But an hour into the ride we realised we forgot the battery keys and without the keys you can't release the battery to change / insert them. So Andrew has gone back for the keys and I am sat on a bench in the country overlooking the scene below.

Beautiful Cumbria

So I thought I'd do my body scan whilst I sat there in such serenity. I kept my eyes open and just viewed the beautiful scenes as I did it! Lovely xXx

This is a picture of our bikes, will post a better one when I take it!

Electric Bikes

By the way, somehow, I've fallen off Andrew's bike once and now tonight I fell off mine :(

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