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Teacher Training Advanced (TTa)

Advanced training helps students to consolidate and build on the teaching skills developed in the introductory training (TTi), as well as develop and extend their personal mindfulness meditation practice. During this course you will also be trained in delivering the Mindfulness for Stress course.

As with TTi, this course enables participants to further their understanding of mindfulness and its applications to human suffering; deepen their personal mindfulness practice; communicate their understanding and experience effectively to others.

Again there will be opportunities to guide meditations and mindful movement; practise delivering key concepts to a group and also to receive feedback.

The course is mainly experiential, conducted in small groups in which both students and trainers explore their own processes in mindfulness.

In addition, there will be sessions on:

  • the use of poetry in teaching
  • the use of 'enactments' in teaching
  • ethical practice
  • meeting the Network of UK Mindfulness Teachers Guidelines

Prior to attending the Advanced Training (TTa) you will have completed:

  • Introductory Training (TTi)
  • All required reading
  • Meditation, movement and mindfulness of daily activity diaries
  • Optional: A practice course either on your own, with another trainee or qualified Breathworks teacher

Fees £1,150 (Concessionaries are available £850 - contact us)


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