Meditation Training

Although I already have a Practitioners Diploma in Meditation, I would love to train as a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher so that I can offer their eight weeks courses, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and the Breathworks Mindfulness Based approaches to Pain and Illness (MBPI).

The training I need can be found at Breathworks Mindfulness, and as well as meeting pre-requisites the training comes in the following four stages, Teacher Training Introduction (TTi), Practice Course, Teacher Training Advanced (TTa), Mindful Movement Weekend, which costs a considerable amount of money, which if I were to do it would again have to come out of my own pocket, which is not very deep at the moment. I am a person with M.E. (Please see My ME Story blog), who has had to pay, again at considerable cost to myself, to retrain, so as to hopefully find work that fits in better with my health. So please help me if you can.

Once the final goal amounts have been reached I will keep you up to date regarding when I take the stages of training.

  • pre-requisites: Mindfulness for Health Online (7/04/2014): £40 (Bursary of £120 awarded)
  • TTi: £1,150 (£850 if a concession is awarded) + travel fees
  • practice course: £TBS
  • mindful movement: £265
  • TTa: £1,150 (£850 if a concession is awarded) + travel fees
  • books & stationery: £68
  • supervision & evaluation: £350

This page is where you can help me to achieve my goal of becoming a fully qualified breathworks mindfulness teacher and also benefit the Cumbrian community by making the above courses available to them. Although the suggested amount to donate is £5.00, any amount would be gratefully received, just slide the slider to the amount you wish to donate. I would like to thank you in advance for your kind donation.

Donate to Pre-Requisite Training
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Donate to Books & Stationery Training
Donate to Supervision & Evaluation Training
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