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Mindfulness for Health Online in a Worldwide Web-based Group

This home based group online course guides you through our online mindfulness for health course where you will learn a wide range of mindfulness skills, enabling you to practise at home and with others. Using a virtual classroom called Voicethread you have the option of posting how you’re getting on and hearing from others in a similar situation.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for anyone suffering with pain and/or illness, or any other condition such as chronic fatigue or stress that has affected your health, who cannot attend a local course and wants to practise from home. The course is designed by Vidyamala Burch, based on 25 years experience of managing severe pain with mindfulness.

What will I learn?

  • A wide range of mindfulness skills to ease your suffering associated with persistent pain, fatigue and ill health and the associated stress.
  • Each week on this ten week course you will learn new strategies and approaches while in a supportive setting using Voicethread, an online virtual classroom.
  • You will have unlimited access to the course platform after your course has ended so you can use the resources again and again.
  • The course is a co-production between Breathworks CIC and the Mindfulness Centre in Sweden.

What are the course requirements?

  • Complete 10 minutes of mindful meditation twice a day for six out of seven days, over nine weeks.
  • Contribute to an online forum called VoiceThread at least once a week, by typing, recording an audio or video message. These messages can be short so please don’t be put off by this!
  • Contribute to one telephone conference call at the beginning of the course. This is preferable but not essential. Recordings of the conference call will be available for download if you are unable to participate for any reason.

How do I access the online mindfulness practices?

  • You will need access to the internet via a computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone and Android tablets.
  • Details on how to log in will be provided in the orientation week and IT support if needed.

How do I access Voicethread forum?

  • You will need access to the internet via a computer, iPad or iPhone.
  • Details on how to log in to Voicethread will be provided in the orientation week and IT support if needed.

Next Course: 07 April 2014

  • The first week is an ''orientation week'' with a telephone conference call to the whole group and help if needed to access and use the two internet platforms.

Course Fees £160 (Bursaries are available - contact us)


Mindfulness for Health (course presentation of 07/04/2014)

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