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Holistic ♥ INDIGO ♥ Therapies Blog ... is brought to you by Denise Mijatovic (BSc (honours), S.N.H.S., M.I.C.H.M.), who lives in Beautiful Cumbria. At INDIGO our moto is 'intelligent wellness' achieved by taking the whole the person into account (mind * body * spirit). We believe that this is the most important aspect when dealing with our wellness.

In this blog we will write about everything related to this, 'intelligent wellness', and so much more. Our hope is to entertain, educate, and also enlighten you, by writing about as many varied subjects as we know. You are very welcome to comment on our blogs and engage with us in discussion.

There will also be lots of useful information on the mind / body connection and wellness, as well as meditation and other holistic therapies. We will also always have a few polls on the go, please take the time to have your say in these, we value your input.

Finally, if there is anything you would like to see let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Please feel free to browse around and enjoy yourself as you peek into my world. By the way, there is also a personal story to share, which can be found under the Life Journal ... area of our blog.


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